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    Wopfing 156
    2754 Waldegg

    Reckenberg 12
    87541 Bad Hindelang

    Product Certificate number valid until Certificate
    Nivello 50
    Ausgleichs- und Nivelliermasse
    0817 — 11256 — 022

    Schanzenstr. 6 - 20
    Carlswerk 1.19
    51063 Köln

    Product Certificate number valid until Certificate
    If you click on the PDF opposite, you will see the eco-INSTITUT sample label. Each label awarded looks like this - the number, however, differs as described on the page on the validity of the eco-INSTITUT label (https://www.eco-institut-label.de/en/die-zertifizierung/gueltigkeit/). You can look up each number awarded here in our database: the result will show you which number can be assigned to which product and which company. If no result is displayed, the number is usually not assigned or is not yet displayed on our homepage, as it may have been assigned only recently. This sample label shown may only be used by eco-INSTITUT and in publications approved by eco-INSTITUT (e.g. label comparisons in print media). Manufacturers are not permitted to use the sample label; in such a case, it may be illegal advertising. Please let us know if you find the sample label displayed and are unsure whether it has been approved by us.
    0808 — 47110 — 001
    Product Certificate number valid until Certificate
    Ausgleichsschüttung unter Trockenestrich
    0418 — 12150 — 005
    0408 — 12150 — 006

    Weißenthurner Str. 1
    56626 Andernach

    Product Certificate number valid until Certificate
    Compensar Ausgleichsschüttung
    0816 — 33636 — 001


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