Mattresses and bedding goods

“Natural and pollution-free

[eco-INSTITUT-Label] is metonymic with strict pollutants limit values and relinquishment of problematic chemicals”


Sleep function as one’s rest and regeneration.

In order to be able to rest and regenerate during one’s sleep the products one surrounds oneself with have to be emission-free and pollution-free:

After all adults spend one third of their time in bed  – and toddlers even up to 20 hours a day -, and this in close contact with the products for the sleeping environment.

Reasons enough to ban all pollutants from matresses, pillows and duvets. As there dangers through pollutants like VOC, nitrosamines, carbon disulphides, biocides, softeners and many more may lie dormant.

With products bearing the eco-INSTITUT-Label one get peace and regenerate during sleep.

Products bearing the eco-INSTITUT-Label

  • are reliably low-pollutant and low-emission
  • can unconditionally be used by allergics, more sensitive persons and babies and toddlers
  • are first choice for health conscious consumers in their buying decisions

Manufacturers of mattresses and bedding goods trusting eco-INSTITUT-Label

Labelling* of the following products is possible:

  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Futons with upholstery of kapok, coconut, horsehair or synthetic fibres
  • Coconut mattresses
  • Latex matresses
  • Natural mattresses
  • Foam mattresses
  • Underbeds, layers and toppers
  • Duvets with plantal, animal or synthetical padding materials
  •  Pillows with plantal, animal or synthetical padding materials
  • Sleeping bags

*following the current eco-INSTITUT-Label criteria “Mattresses” or “Bedding goods”

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