Misuse of eco-INSTITUT-Label

A quality label is only a reliable one when being trustworthy.

Only when a product fulfills the criteria of eco-INSTITUT-Label it can be marked with the quality label of eco-INSTITUT.

Each certificate is awarded with an individual certificate ID and listed with its validity date in the database “Certified products“: so it is transparent for every one whether a product is realy tested and certified by eco-INSTITUT.

However it happens eco-INSTITUT-Label is misused.

Whenever this happens consumers and companies are misled: that is why eco-INSTITUT takes actions against the illegal use of its label.

Overview misused certificates

Here you find an overview on products not being labelled with eco-INSTITUT-Label or products being promoted with eco-INSTITUT-Label even though they are not bearing the label anymore.

Certificates regularly expried you find with their certifcate ID in our database “Certified products”.

Asking for help!

eco-INSTITUT is doing its best to protect its label, certificate and programme of eco-INSTITUT-Label – in order to do so we need your held: if you come across a counterfeited or misleading eco-INSTITUT-Label on- or offline please let us know.

Also: if you are not sure whether a product has been tested by us please ask. We are happy to help.



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