Misuse of eco-INSTITUT-Label

A quality label is only a reliable one when being trustworthy.

Only when a product fulfills the criteria of eco-INSTITUT-Label it can be marked with the quality label of eco-INSTITUT.

Each certificate is awarded with an individual certificate ID and listed with its validity date in the database “Certified products“: so it is transparent for every one whether a product is realy tested and certified by eco-INSTITUT.

However it happens eco-INSTITUT-Label is misused.

Whenever this happens consumers and companies are misled: that is why eco-INSTITUT takes actions against the illegal use of its label.

Overview misused certificates

Here you find an overview on products not being labelled with eco-INSTITUT-Label or products being promoted with eco-INSTITUT-Label even though they are not bearing the label anymore.

Certificates regularly expried you find with their certifcate ID in our database “Certified products”.

Sample eco-INSTITUT-Label

Here you find the eco-INSTITUT-Label sample. Each label awarded looks like this – the number, however, differs as described on the page on the validity of the eco-INSTITUT-Label. You can look up each number awarded in our “Certified products” database: the result will show you which number was assigned to which product and which company. If no result is displayed, the number is usually not assigned or is not yet shown on our homepage, as it may have been assigned only recently.

The sample label shown above may only be used by eco-INSTITUT and in publications approved by eco-INSTITUT (e.g. label comparisons in print media). Manufacturers are not permitted to use the sample label; in such a case, it may be illegal advertising. Please let us know if you find the sample label displayed and are unsure whether it has been approved by us.


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