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“eco-INSTITUT-Label – more quality und health innocuousness””

The Perfect Office

It is a given that one wants to furnish one’s work and living environments to one’s liking.

After all one wants to feel comfortable in the indoor space wone spends one time in.

In order to be able to do so one has to take care that the furniture and furnishings of one’s choice are  – besides of functional and aaesthetical aspects – are health agreeable and are good for one:

Because furniture and furnishings can emit a number of dangerous substances into indoor air imparing one’s wellbeing and health.

Products bearing the eco-INSTITUT-Label

  • are reliably low-pollutant and low-emission
  • can unconditionally be employed indoors
  • are preferred by responsible interior architects and health conscous consumers
  • are favouredly trade in furnishing houses with focus on sustainability and healthy environments

Manuafacturers of furniture and furnishings trusting eco-INSTITUT-Label

Labelling* of the following products is possible:

  • Furniture and furnishings for living, working and slepping spaces

    • made of solid wood, plastic or metal
    • made of coated or non-coated timber boards
  • Upholstered furniture with textile covering or leather

*following the current eco-INSTITUT-Label criteria “Furniture and furnishings”

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