Floor coverings

“As manufacturer of construction products for indoor use we have a living biological liabilty towards our customers we are conscentiously and transparently fulfilling. That is why we submit ourselves to the external inspection through eco-INSTITUT on a yearly basis. A certification by this institution requires tested products to be specially low-emission and thus to be non health hazarduous to live in. We are happy to face this control as the demanding guidelines of eco-INSTITUT go far beyond legal requirements.”

ter Hürne

Because of their great surfaces floor coverings take up the greatest part of one’s living and working enironments and by this having a most relevant impact on the quality of the indoor air.

And the quality of the indoor air has a crucial influence on the life, living and work of those who is situated in it. At last in these latitudes one spends up to 90 percent of one’s time indoors.

So it is important that floor coverings are low-pollutant and low-emissions and thus health agreeable.

Products bearing the eco-INSTITUT-Label

  • are reliably low-pollutant and low-emission
  • can unconditionally be employed indoors
  • are first choice for health conscious consumers in their buying decisions

Manufacturers of floor coverings trusting eco-INSTITUT-Label

Labelling* of the following products is possible:

  • Floor covering coating agents
  • Design flooring
  • Resilient floor coverings
  • Screed
  • Wooden flooring
  • Cork flooring
  • Laminate florring
  • Outdoor floor coverings
  • Parquet

*following the current eco-INSTITUT-Label criteria “Floor covering” or “Construction products” (Screed and floor covering coatings)

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