Test criteria and testing range

One unique feature [of criteria of eco-INSTITUT-Label] is the list of emissions limit values for critical substances and single substances incorporating for at least the German indoor air guide values RW 1 .

WOHNUNG + GESUNDHEIT – Zeitschrift für Baubiologie

The criteria meet highest requirement: they go beyond usual standards and mandatory legal national and international requirements on health agreeable living and construction products and furnishings.

In addition a product has to meet claims on odour and applied contents.

The orgin of used woods also counts among others to the testing criteria: tropical timber materials may only be employed when produced in the context of sustainable forestry, i.e. they have be certified by FSC , PEFC or comparable programme.

The criteria are regularly updated by the experts of eco-INSTITUT following the latest state of art, science, research, legal developments and demands of manufacturers, consumers, architects and building project planners. The last time in September 2018.

Inspection and follow-up testing are performed on a regular basis.

Here you find the test criteria.

You have question on the test criteria or are not sure according to which criteria a certain product has been tested? We are happy to help.

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