Construction products

“eco-INSTITUT supports us constantly improving our products and offers a transparent and market established label to our customers!”

Tobias Bennerscheidt, Marketing Manager Fermacell GmbH

Whether house building, flat fitout or redevelopment: building is one of the greatest dreams of humainty.

In order to make the dream come true and not to turn it into a nightmare from the very beginning a strong focus must be set on the employment of health agreeable construction products:

as construction products may emit a number of hazarduous substances into indoor air the life quality of those spending their time in the respective spaces may be relevantly impaired for years.

As they are tightly built in for decades in new building, fitout or redevelopment projects deficiencies are not easily remedied.

Products bearing the eco-INSTITUT-Label

  • are reliably low-pollutant and low-emission
  • can unconditionally be employed in building, development and furnshing projects
  • are preferred by responsible architects and building planners for national and international building projects
  • are first choice for health conscious consumers in their buying decisions

Manufacturers of construction products trusting eco-INSTITUT-Label

Labelling* of the following products is possible:

  • Work tops
  • Coating materials and lacquers
  • Insulations materials
  • Sealants
  • Screed
  • Paints
  • Timber wood products and boards
  • Impregnation agents
  • Adhesives
  • Mineral construction products
  • Plaster and mortar
  • Wall coverings

*following the current eco-INSTITUT-Label criteria “Construction products”

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