1. January 2016

Since January 1, 2016, eco-INSTITUT-Label is accepted by international building rating system BREEAM as third party compliance scheme for proof of VOC emissions from construction products. Since then it is listed in the guidance note “GN22 BREEAM
Recognised Schemes for VOC Emissions from Buildings Products“.

“We are happy about this further recognition in the context of an international building classification programme“,

so Dr. Frank Kuebart, manager of Cologne-based eco-INSTITUT,

“via this our customers whose products are eco-INSTITUT-Labelled can more easily cooperate with building contractors on building projects worldwide and thus position themselves more strongly on the market.”

The BREEAM building classification programme is one of the most renowned programmes worldwide in the context of building sustainability, it was developed in Great Britain in 1990 and now is used in more than 70 countries.

In September 2015 BREEAM has extended its programme in so far as it  also accepts European standards and labels as third party compliance programmes since.

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