9. January 2020

Since December 2019, eco-INSTITUT is awarding eco-INSTITUT label to cleaning agents for hard floor coverings. The first products are already being tested.

Detergents can not only pollute waste water considerably with chemicals, but also affect human health. The reason for this is that harmful substances such as preservatives or volatile organic compounds may be contained in these products.

“It is simply consequent to pay attention to health and environmental impacts not only by construction products or furniture, but also by products that are used indoors only for a short time but repeatedly”,

says Vanessa Laumann, head of certification body.

“Especially when cleaning floors, a considerable amount of these products repeatedly find its way into the interior.”

Cleaning agents that bear the eco-INSTITUT-label must not contain any toxic substances for humans and the environment (especially water organisms are at risk here). Strict criteria for biodegradability also apply. Furthermore, the cleaning agents must meet various requirements regarding the raw materials used and the packaging.

The new criteria “Cleaning agents for hard floors” can be found on www.eco-institut-label.de at ” Downloads”.




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