24. September 2018

In August 2018, German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) approved eco-INSTITUT-Label as high quality requirements proof for low-emissions and low-pollutant products.

Label approval by German Sustainable Building Council consists of a compliance test of the certification content of the product label with the applicable DGNB criteria.

The basis for approval of eco-INSTITUT label is the DGNB criterion “ENV1.2 Risks for the local environment” in version 2018. Thus DGNB indorses eco-INSTITUT in the year of its 30th anniversary that the company’s own label contributes to the transparency of construction products and furniture for consumers and supports health and ecological aspects in the field of sustainable building.

The DGNB approval of established and well-known product labels is intended to give all those involved in the process of sustainability certifications of buildings additional orientation for product selection.

“We are pleased that eco-INSTITUT-Label is now officially approved as recognized product standard of DGNB”,

says Daniel Tigges, managing director of Cologne-based eco-INSTITUT.

“The recognition helps building planners and owners to easily prove the DGNB conformity of extensively tested eco-certified products to be employed in their projects.”

Further information on the DGNB label approval can be found on its website here

About eco-INSTITUT and its label

Cologne-based eco-INSTITUT certifies particularly low-emission and low-pollutant construction and furnishing products as well as furniture, mattresses and bedding goods with eco-INSTITUT-Label. An assessment of full content declaration as well as comprehensive and strict emissions, contents and odour tests after an independent sampling in the manufacturing plant are prerequisites for certification. The certificate is valid for two years. Every year a conformity test takes place during which the product composition is reconciled anew. Full laboratory tests are carried out every two years to extend the certification. A special feature is the detailed list of emission limit values ​​for critical substance groups and individual substances including at least, among others, the German indoor guideline values RW 1. The criteria are updated regularly for new classifications of substances and are published in addition to the description of the certification process and indicative costs on the website www.eco-institut-label.de. Every certified product receives the quality label with an individual identity number so consumers and planners can look up the certificate’s validity on the website.

eco-INSTITUT is an ISO / IEC 17025 accredited independent testing laboratory. In addition to now being recognized by the DGNB eco-INSTITUT-Label is already an approved standard of the internationally operating building classification systems LEEDv4 and BREEAM.

About DGNB and its certificate

DGNB was founded in 2007 on the initiative of various fields of the construction and real estate industry. The aim of the council is to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically efficient constructing.

Since 2009 DGNB labels with its certificate in platinum, gold, silver or bronze buildings that fulfill criteria such as ecological, economic, socio-cultural, functional, technical, process and location quality in terms of sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically efficient constructing.


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